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If you’ve ever wanted to create an impressive portfolio site, here’s is your chance. And it’s for free!!! Just download SiliconFolio and unleash your imagination. The SiliconFolio plugin is simple to use. You just have to upload it to your WordPress Site, activate it, and you’re ready. Just create a new page, select the portfolio template, pick your wanted portfolio style, and fascinate the world with your works and products. Easy, don’t you think?



We also believe that children’s future is an important aspect for every young parent. Hence, we partnered with Flying Cape, online booking platform that focuses exclusively on tuition and enrichment classes, to make personalized quality education available to all QO’s client.

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Fun Environment

Besides providing clients with the necessary protection, we also offered integrated healthcare solutions through medical concierge service and empowered our clients to make informed decisions based on the treatment options available and provide them with unparalleled service.

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In Qiren Organisation, we believe in giving back what we had receive from our clients. Events such as Mother’s Day Bash, Birthday Celebration and Children's Day Celebration will be held as and when for our Premier Clients to add more value for them. ad

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