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Established platforms are available to assist our consultants to generate leads effortlessly and accelerate their advancement and income progression.


Training & Development

We offer world-class training chaired by Eric Feng, an award-winning speaker and a highly sought after public speaking coach to give our consultants the necessary tools to succeed in this career.


Conducive Working Environment

Our office is designed based on Google-style workspace. Facilities such as conference room, kids room, gym and cafeteria that offers beverages and even movie theater.


Career Advancement

Constant development to enhance your professional skills for the future. Team Shaoqun offers world-class training geared towards career advancement and income progression for personal growth.


Attractive Income

Make an appointment with us at our office to find out more!


Perks & Rewards

Get to travel to a variety of countries as part of our overseas incentive trips and certifications will be offered.

Our Organisation

Team Shaoqun is under Qiren Organisation where focusing on people is cultivated as part of the company’s values. We organise team building activities for our consultants to foster a spirit of working together and a sense of camaraderie. Check out our latest team building activity in the video.

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Time is money

Despite the fun, the team remains highly driven and strive to achieve better results each time. Weekly events are held in our premises to drive traffic down and generate unlimited leads for our consultants to achieve their targeted goals. Stay energised within our team through work and play while getting the sense of achievement you never felt before!

Our office

At 30,000 Sqf, our office is designed primary to act as a business hub and at the same time using Google-Style office to create a conducive working environment for all our consultants and staffs. We strongly believe that a positive working environment makes our people feel good about coming to work, thus providing the motivation to sustain them throughout the day.